Category icon next to merchant

I find this very useful for a quick scan of how I’ve spent my money when I am going through my transactions, as it its more visual than text and helps you to immediate recognize it. It also helps with merchants that have a different name to the establishment they’ve purchased it from or have a forgettable name.

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Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to give us your feedback on the category icons and we are so glad it is working for you!

All the best - Everyone at Snoop HQ

Hi James,

Apologies perhaps I wasn’t clear on that but I also wanted to add next to merchants that already have an icon so the category icons are always visible?

For merchants that have an icon, it could be a smaller one next to it.


I’ve attached picture for yore reference.

Ah I completely understand! Thank you for the clarification and apologies for the confusion.

I’ll pass this on to the team to the product team to take a look for you!

All the best,