Categories icon for merchants with logo


Would be nice to have a small icon closer to the picture so we can easy identify the category of it.

Hey Bruno,

great to hear from you.

do you mean have both a category icon and the merchant logo against a single transaction? (e.g.for GBK / TFL / Chilangos in your screenshot)

As an aside, I think that Chilangos is by far London’s premier burrito dispensary - have spent many an afternoon / evening in there! Tortilla is decent but a clear 2nd IMO.


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My idea is having a small picture from the category next to the logo one.
So the gbk and chilango would have the eating out symbol next to the logo, the tfl will have the transport.
So you can easily see the category for each transaction.

Like chilango it was a lunch, so I like to classify it different from eating out, so I can control how much I spending in my work lunch. To see which category is going I need to open, to see if I reclassify it or not. With the symbol I can see it directly.

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