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I have many transactions I don’t recognise. It would be super helpful to have the name of the merchant being a google hyperlink that just opened up google, or better still an ai integration that automatically recommended a category based on what is known about that merchant.

Or as a minimum please can you make this text selectable so I can copy and paste it myself

Hi @Andrew - thank you for your suggestions, I’ve shared these with the wider Snoop team to take on board.

Currently, if the transaction is for a merchant that we are familiar with, and see a high number of transactions to and from within Snoop, we would have added the merchant’s logo to help users to recognise the transaction and would categorise the transaction for that merchant as relevantly as we can. However, for smaller merchants, we may not have got round to doing this for them.

If you ever notice a merchant doesn’t have a logo and feel that it should, please tap into the transaction followed by the ‘Something not right?’ option and let us know the details so we can improve the details for the merchant within Snoop.

In regards to merchant name including a hyperlink to open the merchant’s website, or the ability of selecting the text to copy this, this would be a great idea and hopefully something we can deliver in future.

If you have any further suggestions of how we could improve the app, please let us know.

All the best,