Hide default categories / Prioritise category icons over Merchant icons


I’m a long time Snoop user and LOVE it - thank you so much! I have tried basically every spending tracking app out there and yours is by far the best!

Just a couple of feature requests…

  1. Please let us delete/hide the default categories - this would be a game changer!

  2. Please prioritise showing the category icon rather than (or at least as well as) the merchant icon in the transaction list

Thank you so much!


Hi @tomematthews glad you are enjoying Snoop.

We don’t have any plans for (1) but we will be doing (2) in the months ahead.



Hello Paul
I second this… please let us hide default categories. Some of them are irrelevant to me and just clutter up the experience.
Thanks, Richard

Hi @Richie74 - thank you for sharing your vote to have the option available to hide default categories.

I have shared this with the wider Snoop team so we can understand the level of demand from our Snoop users :smiley:

Thank you,

Thank you @Charley