Category splits

I am using a work around. If I have a £200 transaction I need to split, then I transfer £200 to my second current account. Then transfer it back in a number of seperate transactions, and then I categorise each into the correct category.

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Hi Paul, have you managed to get any further with a function to split transactions? We budget our Alcohol / Entertaining / normal week day food as separate but when we shop we might buy things for all 3 categories in one shop.

Hi @Marsashmore it’s on our list, but not something we have any update on just yet.


Hiya Paul, adding my keenness for transaction splits to the group. Particularly painful for Amazon, Tesco, John Lewis etc etc. Thank you for considering this.

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Hi - Another one from MDB and a bit surprised at being unable to split a transaction across multiple categories. I suppose technically I could pay my credit card bill transaction by transaction but it still wouldn’t always be an accurate reflection of my spending and it would take up a lot of time. Not sure I will continue to the paid version unless there’s a more concrete timeline for this feature. Looks like there’s no shortage of demand for it!


Really massively disappointing to hear this hasn’t been a priority when people have been requesting it for a year. I appreciate it’s been a big year for you guys, but it does feel like there’s little point bothering feeding back on here and that you’re essentially ignoring your users. That in itself is disappointing too because I’ve always had amazing service from you guys whenever I’ve had a problem or a question. If there are other platforms offering this then certainly I would consider switching.

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Hi @Scarag7 - we get lots of feedback everyday on all sorts of ideas and features. This comes to us via this channel, but the vast majority comes to us via direct contacts from the app or via app store reviews.

We are a small team and we have to prioritise based on a number of factors - customer feedback is always the highest thing on that list, but there are also commercial drivers for our business, regulatory changes, security changes etc.

It’s true that we’ve had feedback on this topic for a while now - this feedback was significantly higher from October onwards - when we welcomed lots of Money Dashboard users who had that particular feature with the service they were leaving.

We’ve completed over 340 production releases this year and I’m very proud of how many changes we have delivered throughout the year for such a small team. Within those releases you will see new app versions every few weeks (as you will be able to see in the app store version history). We’ve launched things this year that have tackled the biggest feedback areas we’ve had in the past… things like transaction search or budgeting. We have things like ‘Export transactions’ (the largest feedback item from Money Dashboard users) coming in January.

I’m sorry we’ve not yet got to this feature which is important to you and I know to others. It’s not because we don’t think it’s important - we’d love to do it today if we had no constraints. We absolutely intend to get to this eventually, but I can only be honest about our need to make prioritisation choices every day about what we focus our limited resources on.




I just wanted to add to the feedback that being able to split transactions would provide a competitive advantage to snoop if this was available. I have been looking alternatives as a result of this feature lacking in snoop.

I would kindly suggest updating this thread to let us know where this is in the product development roadmap in order to prevent other users considering other options.

Hi @Skyscully - I don’t have any news to share on this I’m afraid.

This is one of the many features that we’d like to work on, but I can’t set an expectations on dates for anything we are not actively working on. This is not something that we are actively working on today, purely due to other priorities that we have.

I share every item of feedback with the entire team and we continually review priorities based on all the factors I mention above.


Just another vote for category splits. my use case is in the supermarket , where I wish to account for expenditure on groceries and expenditure on alcohol separately. My old quicken 2000 did this perfectly as did MDB. The lack of this in Snoop is a real weakness


Just adding my vote for being able to split transactions.


Another +1 for this feature. I moved from Emma to Snoop last year and not sure whether I’m going to extend subscription for another year due to the lack of this functionality.

I moved ftom Moneydashboard and they allowed splits, but it was a bit complicated.

Apologies, Paul. I saw the reply back in December & with all the Christmas madness & everything this is the first time I’ve been back on Snoop Space since I realise I hadn’t replied.

I just wanted to apologise because I hadn’t noticed that so many of the comments were so new, given I knew the topic originally came up quite some time ago. I saw how many comments there were & knowing that isn’t a really common thing on here, I misread the situation. I think it also fed into my fear that when you were taken over it would become much more about pleasing corporate overloads or shareholders rather than being more about your users.

I know you guys work very hard & there’s always lots that goes into these apps that we don’t see & of course even updates that don’t change the UI can still involve masses of differences underneath.

So a double sorry: one for jumping the gun & one for forgetting I hadn’t written the apology I meant to once Christmas was out the way!

No problem at all @Scarag7 - thanks for your reply.

We do really appreciate all feedback as it helps us to prioritise. We have some exciting features coming up and we certainly hope to address split category in future too.


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Can you add Total Investment account nett worth as an extra displays. Its just so much of a hassle to keep filtering out accounts so i can see how much my 5 investment accounts are performing. I would like two nett worths, so i can see both all my nett worth, and my investments separately. I find assuming the increase in nett worth is down to investments just catches me out, as it could be just a pension going into my current account. Hope this makes sense

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Hi @Mike1,

Thank you for your suggestion on extra displays for total net worth. I have shared this with our team as we greatly appreciate to hear from our customer with suggestions for the app such as feature requests.

If you have any other feedback please do not hesitate to share this with us!

All the best,

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I wish I had the time to do this +1 for splitting transactions

Another vote for being able to split transactions.
This is very common in personal finance apps, I remember doing it on the Psion series 3 (pretty much pre- Internet) and I also consider it basic/essential.
For the developers; it is not just spending that would benefit from spilts, but income too. My employer transfers one payment a month which includes my net pay and refund of any expenses I claimed that month.
I have set up an expense category that collects my work expenese for the spending transaction, eg paying for a hotel bill using my Credit Card. If we had splits I would put the eventual income relating to refunded expenses to that spending category which would net out to zero (if they paid in full, or balance if there are unpaid expenses). This would be perfect as my personal spend analysis would not be messed up with work stuff.
We understand you are small team with many projects but it’s not unreasonable to at least it’s on the roadmap. If not then I will have to look elsewhere.

Thank you @Andrew and @MarkG for adding your vote to this suggestion of splitting categories!

I’ve shared your comments with the team so we can understand and prioritise new features according to the level of demand from our users.

Many thanks,