Positive and Negative Balance's

Hi Snoop,

Firstly can I say compared to the MoneyDashBoard the Snoop app is miles ahead in terms of features and development … I have dipped into the following products: Emma, MoneyDashBoard, Jolt etc so Im keep to find the right app for myself.

One thing that stands out is Snoop seems like money saving expert but with the tech and integration behind it :slight_smile:

It would be good if we could get integration with platforms such as Freetrade/Robinhood etc and mortgage providers… if the API isn’t available… then have a way in the app enable a way that users can manually enter this in.

I want to see my overall ‘wealth’ and ‘debt’ - nice simple graph would be great.

Marcus + Freetrade :wink:

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@vekariya17 thanks so much for your feedback.

And you’ve hit the nail on the head really - we really want Snoop to be able to help people spend smarter and save money. And that’s enabled by money management tools, combined with relevant, timely money saving tips and insights, targeted to you based on where and how you spend. Really glad you’re enjoying it.

We’re concentrating on connecting with as many banks and credit card providers as possible right now. But ultimately we want to connect to as many financial institutions and propositions as possible. Manual entry is something we thought about a while ago and its on the list for consideration, so I’ll be happy to share your comments with the team as we look to prioritise the next wave of development.

Great to hear your thoughts, thank you. :blush: