Connecting banks

So far I’ve only connected one bank account. I personally, know that to make the app it’s most effective you need to add more than one. However, with one, the app is pretty stagnant and doesn’t really bring any stickiness to the app. It might be worth having some additional marketing messaging/onboarding to encourage this.

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thanks @elenazz - really appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

You’re completely right that Snoop will work better for you if more accounts are connected, as of course, the more Snoop knows about your financial life and spending preferences, the better the recommendations will be.

Some customers are connecting several accounts and we’re actually still in the process of adding new banks and providers to Snoop meaning some customers can’t yet connect all their accounts but will do when they can. But, your point is a really good one and we could definitely do more to encourage multiple account connection. Leave this one with us and we’ll give it some thought. Thank you :blush:

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In relation to this, I almost felt overwhelmed with the fist set of messages. Then things went quite quiet. It almost feels like it would be worth metering out the snoops in the first few days!


Hi Chris. This is really good feedback - thank you.

We are going to be evolving the experience in the next 6 weeks to

  1. Better allow you to control the flow of Snoops - so you can take them at the speed you want them (all at once or a bit at a time)
  2. Introduce “Money Insight” Snoops which are all about helping you manage your spending and account balances, which will keep your feed fresh and useful!
  3. And finally - you will see new Snoops released every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - and you will get a Push message/email if you have a new #1 Snoop

Does that make sense? I’d love to know what you think! Paul

Hi Paul,

Controlling the flow of snoops sounds like a great option!

“Money Insights” sounds intriguing, can’t wait.