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@Ross @Cara i think if you are linking multiple accounts like i have just done, we need to make sure the user know that they may not all appear at the same time. for example - i linked 3 barclays accounts x2 current accounts and x1 savings and initially x1 current account and x1 savings appeared but then had to kill the app and when logged back in the 3rd account (my main current account ) appeared. initially i thought there had been an error - this may be confusing for people.


Hi @natz - thanks for the update. As we haven’t yet built the functionality that allows users to link multiple accounts (although we know there is a sneaky way around this) please don’t read too much into the experience. We’ll let you know when this feature is fully developed so you can test it then!

Hi all, first interaction with Snoop a few hours ago. I’ve added multiple HSBC accounts, Barclay card and Monozo. Felt UI was very clear about the fact Snoop was “thinking” although maybe needs a little more clarity about fact that you can’t immediately add a new account while Snoop is importing the data from the account you’ve just added. I noticed the “greyed out” + sign (wasn’t sure how long that would last) but I could still access the “manage accounts” item in the menu . Overall not a huge issue but I did find myself a little confused and clicking through various screens before I thought “oh maybe it needs to finish this one first”.

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Hey @benwmorgan, thanks for the feedback!

Great that you managed to register and connect your accounts. We disable the button to make sure everything goes swimmingly with each connection before you kick-off the next one, but this is something we will definitely review if customers want to be able to connect multiple account as quickly as possible.

Thanks again for the feedback and let us know if you have any more!