Remove duplicate account


Loving the app so far but I’ve had one issue

When I attempted to add my RBS account earlier today it was originally only showing 1 of the 2 accounts I selected so I reconnected the account. Now it is showing duplicate accounts for both, so how do I remove the duplicates?

Also I’m not able to add my savings account from RBS, is there a way to add this?


Hi @Andy - thanks very much for downloading Snoop!

We are still developing the feature for our users to remove accounts in the app (it’s only a small number of weeks away before this available). However, I can certainly remove this account for you in the meantime.

Please can you send us an email from the settings screen of the app (click on the cog icon and select ‘Get in Touch’). This email will contain some identification tags we need to remove your account safely.


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@Andy for RBS savings accounts, there are many types of accounts that may not be supported by Open Banking.

The following should be available (these are the ‘Product Names’ that RBS give us in their documentation):


If it’s a certain type of product not on the list above, I’m afraid it may not be supported by API access. They make the point they only support savings accounts if they consider them to be ‘Payment Enabled’. I’m afraid I don’t know for sure how they make that judgement on an individual product type :blush:

Do you have one of the above savings accounts?

Had something similar happen.
I’ve firstly added my Monzo account which then after 20min said it failed to connect.
I’ve tried the “Try Again” option and ended up with 2 duplicate accounts now. (Will wait till 3rd March to be able to remove)
I’ve also setup Barclays which also first said it failed. This time I selected to remove it and now after 10-20min the Barclays accounts are showing as connected.
Might be a one off issue?

Thanks @M1B2 - we’re working on a change to make our account connection process much quicker. So once this is ready, we’ll see everything speed up with less risk of our customers ending up with duplicate accounts due to time delays. Appreciate your patience

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