Allowing Duplicate Bank Additions


I’ve just added my Starling current and Euro accounts to Snoop but I also wanted my business account, so as I thought that either it was missed or I hadn’t done it correctly I tried adding Starling again but I then ended up with duplicate accounts showing the same data.

Instead of these accounts just being added, could a warning pop-up be added to say that the accounts are already in Snoop and do you wish to proceed etc, as once you have started the process you can’t go back and then have to delete them as there’s no point in having duplicate accounts showing the same data.

To me it doesn’t seem right that Snoop simply adds these accounts and allows duplicates, especially without any warning etc or am I missing something as I can’t see the point in having 2 or more accounts showing the same data?

Also, just as a thought, if I have these duplicate accounts, does that mean that Snoop will be reporting twice on everything, if so then that’s not right and could become very confusing for the little fella!

Hey @Leighton, hope you’re well. :blush:

Thanks for letting us know about this. We’ll take a look at why your business account didn’t connect at the same time as the others. It’s not something we’ve seen happen before so want to understand it.

Also, we completely agree it’s not ideal for Snoop to be blind to duplicates. It’s just the nature of how the connections are made right now. But it’s something we’re aware of and will be addressing. Not just as it’s annoying to have to delete the duplicate - but also because you’re totally right, little Snoop will get all confused and think you’ve spent double at places which isn’t what you want!

Really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks! :snoop:

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Hi @Cara With reference to this, when adding bank accounts and also when re-linking them would it be possible to have an account list be shown and a tick box to confirm which accounts are to be added or updated etc as I might have a few accounts with the bank but only want Snoop to have access to 1 of them etc.

When I recently added Starling this didn’t happen and it just added all the accounts it could connect to which is not good as I would then have to go and delete the ones I didn’t need which is such an necessary faff and and time consuming.

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