Duplicate accounts using Open banking protocol

When I first added some accounts into Snoop using the Open Banking connectivity I decided only to add a small number of the accounts I have with Lloyd’s. After using Snoop for a while I decided to add in some more, however when I came to do this it was difficult to see which ones I had added and ones which I hadn’t (especially as they all had zero balances). I selected all of the accounts again but this meant that I ended up with several duplicate accounts in Snoop which needed to be manually deleted. Is there a way to check if certain accounts are already imported into Snoop and to ignore and duplicate additions? Just a thought for the future if it is possible.


Hi @Grindlebeard it’s possible, but at the moment we’ve left this ‘open’ until we are confident that all banks give us the necessary identifiers in a consistent way, so that we can reliably spot duplicates.

We don’t want to cause problems for customers who do exactly what you did (add a few accounts and then come back to add more later). We don’t want them to have problems with accounts that won’t import correctly after that.

Our logic was that it was better to let duplicate accounts get imported again for the time being, as they can be easily removed in app.

It’s something we can certainly review in future though.