Regular Payments - Watchlist

Been using the regular payments feature and it’s great …definitely removes the need of an Excel spreadsheet/ guesswork.

One feature which I think would be good is to add a “watch” on some features so that I can then receive a notification once the payment is made. The main use case being so that I can see if it’s a larger, or much smaller, amount. Maybe the “watch” could have thresholds. For example, my gas bill is usually £x and I want to “watch” incase it’s massively higher, but then extend this to add if it’s £y higher than my previous or average bill.

Not essential but nice to have and allow for the regular payments and notifications to be more feature rich

Hey @Hitesh - on this one we’re actually working on a new Snoop to track regular payment fluctuations. We will serve you a Snoop if a payment has gone up or down by 20% - so sounds like this is similar to what you’ve suggested. We can also look at sending a push notification to customers when this Snoop is served so you know to check in.

Appreciate the % threshold and the transactions you want a watch on, can’t be tailored by the user yet. But it’s a brilliant idea to add this type of capability once we’re up and running with the Snoop.

Thanks as always Hitesh!