Track recurring transactions in advance

I’m giving Snoop a go to see if it can help me better track my expenses and plan my monthly budgets.

I started the premium free trial to be able to have the full experience.

so far, I was using a manual expenses app where I would create all my recurring transactions and then add additional transactions manually. Because the recurring transactions would “get in” on the day I configured them and I could “add them to the month” at any time, I was able to have a view of how much money I will have to manage the month, considering that all the recurring expenses were already processed (e.g. how much do I have left after all planned recurring expenses).

With that in mind (since is one of the most important pieces of information for me) and in order to decide if it’s work keeping with the subscription, I was wondering if you explain to me how I could do/see the following:

  • How to know all my “fixed” recurring expenses each month in advance? (e.g all recurring payments/expenses I have every month, regardless of whether they use direct debit or manual transfer/payment)
  • How can I see how much money I have left, considering that all recurring payments/expenses were already cleared?
  • How can I make my salary count as an income for the next month instead of the month it’s received? (the salary really defines how much you have to manage next month)

Many thanks in advance

Hi @palanolho

If you tap on the ‘Your Bills’ tab on the bottom navigation bar, you will see all bills due and paid for the current period. To see a full list of all bills (i.e to also see the ones that also fall outside of your current period), just tap on the View All link on the top right of the screen.

These bills will be identified based on all recurring payments that our AI has spotted - regardless of which payment method is used. You can adjust any bills hat are not right or manually add any we’ve missed due to irregular patterns etc.

If you then also use our ‘budget’ feature, once you’ve set this up we will calculate your budget position based on exactly which payments you still have due this month.

I’m not following your point about Income. I think you might be describing setting up a custom pay cycle (so your salary date is day 1 of your cycle rather than the 1st of the month). That can be done from the bills, budget or spending analysis area of the app. If I’ve misunderstood, please just let me know?


I’m also really interested in planning expenditure over a longer term.

For context, we’re investigating our options following the news about Moneydashboard and one of its most useful features was its long-term planner. Does Snoop have a similar function so we can see where our accounts might be (taking account of known and planned/potential bills and payments) in 3, 6, 12 etc month’s time? Can I add one-off or recurring payments/bills that I’m anticipating over the coming month(s) - not just in the current month?


Hi @nicholas_rubin - we don’t have a long-term planner feature I’m afraid.

We look at cashflow for the current month and the next month… nothing beyond that right now


@paul_k - understood. that’s a shame. Do you have plans for a planner that covers both the short and longer term? This is one of the most important features my wife and I are looking for in a budgeting tool like Snoop.

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@nicholas_rubin It’s not in our plans for the rest of this year but we will continue to gather feedback on our longer term feature list.