Disposable Money For the Month

I have had to find a new app due to the current one closing. Snoop seems to be the closest one to what I need, but I am still struggling to get it to do what I want.

I only have 1 account which all bills and spending is transacted.

What I want to be able to see easily is how much disposable money do I have left until the end of the current payment. I will usually login every few days and see how much money I can spend on “treats”

The way this was worked out in the previous app was:

Money Left = Current account balance - outstanding recurring payments - remaining budgets not spent.

For example 1st day of period; current account balance is £5000
grocery budget = £500 remaining
transport budget = £200 remaining
recurring bills = £2000 remaining

Money Left = £2300

In snoop I have ensured all my bills/recurring payments are in the Your Bills section.
In the spending and budgets section I have created a transport and grocery budget. I have not created an overall period budget. I suppose my overall period budget is just my income per month? As of writhing this, I added my salary as the overall period budget and that does seem to give me the correct amount of “left over” money.

However I would prefer the “left over” money to be calculated based on how much money is left in my account.

Am i being stupid and missing something?

Any help advice would be awesome. Thanks

Hi @agsnowdon we have a couple of different features which are relevant here.

To look at your projected account balance for this month and next, you can do this:

  • Tap on the account
  • Tap on the card at the top of the screen that talks about your bills for that account
  • Setup the feature if prompted
  • If already setup, you will be taken to a timeline and it will show you all known regular payments and income that is relevant and your balance will be projected based on this
  • If you don’t have enough money to cover your bills, then we send you warnings about this

The 2nd feature is our ‘budgets’ area of the app and this doesn’t have a concept of your account balances and is only interested about spending vs budget amounts. You can chose to have a budget at overall spend level, at category level or a combination of both.

For example you could set your overall budget to match only the income you receive and then track against this. This would show you:

  • The budget amount
  • The amount you’ve already spent
  • The amount we project for the rest of the period to come out in bills

This gives you a ‘left to spend’ figure.

You can also do this against some or all of your categories if you want to.

Does that help?