Include bills to calculate net balance


I’m new here from Yolt and so far I’m really loving the app. However there is one feature that I really liked - you could view your net balance after subtracting upcoming bills. This gives a true picture of my account balance. Could you please add this feature? You have to tap 3 times to view the upcoming bills in the current interface

Thank you

Hey @solidsnake, welcome to Snoop!

Thanks for the excellent feedback and you’ll be delighted to know that we’re working on an experience very similar to what you describe!

Our current thinking is to create a ‘left to spend’ experience by subtracting bills from pay :moneybag: to allow customers to manage their spending more effectively until payday comes around again.

You suggested using an account balance as a starting point, do you think that would be more useful than using a pay event?


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Maybe this is a more a personal choice but I’ve often found seeing my ‘true’ balance ie balance after subtracting bills to be more useful. However I do realize that users might want to see remaining spend (after taking into account bills). You might be able to do both as you can give option to the user to display ‘true’ balance under all accounts.
While I understand you might want to display some ads/partner posts, you could use some of the ‘save and switch’ to display ‘left to spend’
Happy to work with you on this as I really liked the app and with a few changes it would be perfect.

Morning @solidsnake - if you’re up for having a quick chat with the product team we’d love to hear more about your initial impressions of Snoop and the feature we’re talking about above? No worries if not, the feedback you’ve already given is really helpful.

drop me a line at if you fancy it and will get something sorted.

Happy Snooping,