Your balance minus Direct debits

Hi, I don’t know if this is possible with the access you have to our accounts…
Can you add a button that takes away (minus) any the direct debits (DD) or standing orders you have. This would tell you your balance as if all the direct debits had been paid for that month.

So I have £1000 balance - DD £200 = £800 spending money.

So this button would show the “spending money” that wasn’t accounted for by squedualed payments.

I guess it might get complicated if you check part way through the month when some DD had been paid and others hadn’t.

I have a feeling non of the above makes sense!

Hi @Mkb it makes perfect sense!

This is absolutely a feature we intend to develop.

The first phase of this of this is coming very soon - the ‘coming soon’ screen you can see when you click on ‘Subscriptions’ will be replaced with a new feature that’s being tested right now. This will identify all your regular payments and give you insights about anything that is changing month on month for example.

Once we’ve got that in place, some next steps will include Snoop starting to projecting ahead and giving you Snoops and information based on these projections.

Check out to see this and a few other things we are thinking of. We have lots of ideas about how to make Snoop even more useful :sunglasses: