Overall balance of spending accounts


Moved to snoop from money dashboard which is closing. Liking it so far and have signed up to plus. One thing I’m really missing is an overall balance of my current/credit accounts that has the budget and upcoming bills subtracted. This live balance was in yolt too and allowed me to work out whether I could afford to transfer savings or whether I had adequate funds in my current account to cover credit card direct debits. I do all my regular spending on credit cards and the overall balance between current accounts and credit accounts has been essential for my budgeting.

Is this feature in the pipeline? At the moment the net worth gives an idea but does not include the budgeted spending plan/upcoming bills.




Hi Michael - what we have is a balance at an account level which shows all bills coming up. We don’t currently factor in budgets as well (although our budget screens also give you a view on what’s left after bills).

To see what I mean:

  • Tap on an account on the homescreen
  • Tap on the card at the top of the screen where you see what bills you have coming up
  • If you haven’t already setup this feature you will be asked to setup your Income and check your bills
  • Then you will see a timeline for the month with balances projected.

We will send you alerts if we calculate that your balance is going to fall below what you need to cover your bills.


Similarly, I’ve moved from moneydashboard.
Just to check, what ‘card’ do you mean for this?

Ive clicked on my current account, but i cant see a card.

Hi @ColMc apologies if I caused confusion.

Are you looking at your account in our mobile app? For clarity - this is one of the features that is only available in our main service (our mobile app) rather than the complementary web app.

In the mobile, when you tap on the account you will see a box just below the balance which is tappable (this is what I meant by ‘card’), which basically will talk about your bills. It might for example say ‘Bills Covered’ and show some logos of your upcoming bills. Depending on whether you’ve setup that feature already you might see some other words here - but it’s this area you need to tap.

This is how you bring up the timeline for that account and you can see which bills are expected. For current accounts we predict your balance once these bills have been paid.


Thanks Paul.
Mine is still saying ‘updating bills’ has been for hours. But once its updated I’ll give it a try.


@ColMc that shouldn’t happen. It should take a maximum of 20 mins to update your bills - which only happens after we’ve just received new data from one of your connected banks.

If that is still like it today - please can you message hello@snoop.app so we can investigate what’s wrong?


Same as the original poster, I’ve moved over from Money Dashboard and have been impressed so far. Realising this morning though that I don’t have a single ‘left over’ balance for all of my accounts after bills and set budgets have been deducted is so deflating. I thought I had it but realised I misunderstood what ‘left to spend’ out of my total budget actually means. Had I realised from the get go that there isn’t such a thing, I wouldn’t have spent so much time going back through transactions to categorise them correctly :sob:

Please can this be considered to be added? It’s invaluable to us day to day to make decisions and I hope it would be a simple thing to do. A little tile with a figure = current net worth across connected accounts minus (upcoming bills + what is left to spend in the budgets set).

Any chance of this?

If not, could the landing page in the app have tiles for what is left to spend out of budgets set when there is no overall budget, and then another tile showing how much is expected to be spent on upcoming bills? With those three in one place, underneath the connected accounts section that provides total net worth, we could at least make that calculation manually.

Hi @plusaeng - thanks for the feedback. Right now we have:

  • Projected balances for specific accounts - where we show a timeline of all expected bills against the balance today for this period and next.
  • Budget left to spend - where we show any budget amounts you’ve setup, what you’ve spent so far that period, what committed spend we think you have (i.e. the bills) and therefore what you have left

We don’t currently project balances based on the discretionary amounts (i.e not committed regular bills) right now. I’ve certainly shared the feedback though and we will consider as we build out our product in future.


Totally agree. This simple feature is essential to my budgeting, the rest of the app is great but without this it’s very difficult to budget! I like to know how much I can save and what I need to keep in my account to facilitate my budget and my bills!


Another ex-MoneyDashboard user here trying to find the next best app!

I too would like to see how much I have “available” left over. Whilst it’s nice to see the bills timeline, I often have bills in a couple of accounts.

To be able to see total money left over (all my current accounts, minus my credit card cost, minus my planned bills) would be an absolute joy and a feature a lot of us ex-MD people would love to see I think!

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Would be pretty easy to implement surely, could be a toggle option for those of us who want it enabled! Incentive to get plus perhaps

+1 to this feature request and also +1 as an ex Money Dashboard user moving to Snoop. There is room for improvement but also just to say there are definitely a lot of positives with Snoop. Loving how it’s much more lightweight than MD and much more proactive in providing budgeting and planning insight :slight_smile:

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Hi, another former Money Dashboard user here. I started with On Trees then switched to Yolt when it closed down, then switched to Money Dashboard when that eventually went bust. Now MD is closing and I’m beginning to think that I’m jinxing these apps!

I’ve just downloaded the app and have been getting to grips with it and really like it. I think that I’ll subscribe to the premium version.

I wanted to just add my comment to say how useful the overall balance feature in MD was. As others have said it was based on current accounts balance minus credit cards balances minus bills that were due to come up in the coming cycle. I liked it because it gave me a true picture of how much money I really have left over to spend each month. I think it would be a really powerful addition if this could be incorporated in to Snoop.

Given the demand, is this feature being worked on? It’s been raised a few times over the years on the forum but I think there is an influx at the moment which deserves attention!

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Hi @mpg0208 we review ever single piece of feedback and we prioritise based on this and a number of other factors. All customer comments (positive and negative) and shared with our entire team. They come to us through a number of channels - this forum, direct contacts to our email or social channels and through app store reviews for example.

You are indeed correct about a number pf people raising this in the last few weeks - that’s because we’ve welcomed thousands of new customers from MoneyDashboard due to their closing. As you know many people from that service were using their ‘planner’ feature. So understandably we’ve had people asking about this and a few other things. In volume terms, we’ve certainly had more feedback from MoneyDashboard users on CSV export for example.

We are not working on this specific feature right now but it’s certainly under consideration for the future.


Yeah, another Money Dashboard convert (and Yolt prior to that)

First of all, love the app…have also signed up for ‘plus’

It would be very handy to have the projected balance factor in your budget. Being notoriously bad with my finances, it would be useful to see at a glance how my current budget would leave me at the end of each cycle

thanks for giving Snoop a try @DaP!

Really glad you’re finding the app useful.

Feedback received and understood :slight_smile: this would probably help me too! This has been shared with the team and your vote for this is logged. thanks for the comments, Cara

New to Snoop and would like to add my vote for this feature. It really was the best tool in the MD app and really good for managing current account / saving balances. Thanks.