Combined account balance


Would it be possible to see the combined balance total, month by month so you can see how much you have saved in the last year for example?

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Hi there @Mal21,

This is a great idea.

We’ll certainly take a look at this as we expand our money management features over the next few months.


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I can’t see how combining credit card accounts (debt) with current accounts on the same icon is useful.

Will it be possible to have an icon of all credit cards combine and also a separate icon of all current accounts combined?

Hi there, we’re working on a new net worth feature which will be ready in the next couple of months. That will allow users to see negative and positive balances split out. But right now, this feature won’t split balances by product type - e.g. current accounts vs credit cards.

It should go some way to what you’re wanting though I hope :relaxed:


Thanks for the update.