Total Snoop worth

One of the wonderful things about our relatively free banking system is that many of us have multiple accounts across many providers. And one of the wonderful things about Snoop is that we can now see the aggregate of all these (*Snoop connected) accounts in Snoop.

A suggestion (used by other aggregators that I really like) would be ability to see my total worth in Snoop - based on those accounts I’ve got connected. So basically the sum of all my accounts in credit minus my credit cards, etc.

One of the issues that other aggregators have with this total worth number though is that there’s a good chance Snoop isn’t connected to all the accounts I currently have (for example I’m missing Monzo pots, NS&I accounts, mortgages, investments, loans, etc) and therefore that total number will never be right. So one of the things Snoop could do that no-one else does is give us the ability to decide which accounts we want included in that Snoop total worth. So I could choose to see only the total of all my current accounts, or I could see the balance of a particular current account against one of my credit cards, etc. This would mean that debts showing in Snoop that can’t be balanced by savings not held in Snoop could be excluded. Or in the future when Snoop perhaps shows mortgages too (?) they could be excluded so that they don’t eclipse everything else.

At a minimum, it would be really helpful to see the total of my current accounts even if you exclude debts.

Is this something Snoop could do?

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Hi Charlotte,

Thank you for your suggestion - it’s a cracker!

We’re absolutely looking to expand our money management features and enable our users to interrogate their money in more advanced ways - including seeing an aggregated balance across all (or a selection) of your accounts. Hopefully, this will also mean you can view your category spend across certain combinations of accounts as well :smile:

As always, thank you for your support - and please keep the suggestions coming in!

Stay safe,


Thank you Tom! That’s great news that it’s in the pipeline already for the future. I think the important thing is user selection as all other aggregators I’ve used get it wrong by just totally everything, which just doesn’t work (until the platform has all types of accounts :blush:).



This has been asked for multiple times before (I myself started a similar thread, and backed 1 or 2 other threads asking for the same). Probably 6 months ago now.

To me it is one of the most important uses of Snoop, but don’t get your hopes up, I expect this request to be fulfilled only after they’ve finished adding all their pre planned new features to their hearts content.