Hide account balance from total net worth

It would be nice to have the ability to choose whether a connected account’s balance should be included in your total net worth figure. Perhaps just a tick box in the “Manage Accounts” screen.

For example, I have a separate “Bills” current account that I use to transfer the exact amount I need to cover my bills for the month when I get paid.

I don’t view this money as if it’s my own, so to remove that balance from the total net worth would allow me to easily see how much there is between all my other accounts at a glance, and ensure my bills can be set up properly in the bills section and see transaction history, etc.

Hi @DTyrrell we do have this feature - but it’s part of our Snoop Plus subscription product.

The Net Worth feature in Snoop Plus shows you a graph of balances and you can filter exactly which accounts you want to be included. So you can use this temporarily to check how a specific account has changed overtime, or longer term if you want to exclude an account like in your example.