Nett Worth

I have been thinking it would be good to have a total nett worth permanently shown. Then have another nett wort which was controlled by the account filter option. I suggest this as I have numerous investment accounts and I like to see just how the total of these are performing over time. At the moment my income and expenditures for my 3 current accounts confuse things. At the moment I just cope with your account filter option.

Thanks for the suggestion @Mike1

You are right that at the moment you can use the filter in that section to turn-on / turn-off certain accounts in the calculation. We don’t have the ability to have different versions of this to track different combinations of accounts.

I’ve certainly shared the feedback.

I prefer to just see how all my investment accounts perform overtime, so for me I have to unticked all my current and general savings accounts. Perhaps it could be an option to have a filter which could just show all investment accounts in one tick.

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