Account balance vs last pay cycle

The spend vs last pay cycle feature of snoop is fantastic and really helps to show how much ive spend vs my last pay cycle.

I wondered whether you plan to add this for account balance, so that its possible to see how much is in your accounts vs the same point in the last pay cycle, as this is ultimately an easier way of seeing spwnd performance.

I understand that this is what net worth does, but its hard to compare month on month (which the spe d graph does an amazing job of).

Hi @Gjwayuk - thanks for the feedback.

We hadn’t planned on doing this - because as you say that’s what we designed the Net Worth tracker to do. I understand your point about comparing month to month though.

I’ve certainly shared the feedback with the team as an idea for the future.


Thanks @paul_k

Money Dashboard do something similar to this but it always seems to be breaking. Im sure Snoop would do a much better job.