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Oh and whilst I remember, are there still plans to be able to view transactions by payday month rather than calendar month (like you can in the Monzo and Starling apps)? I’m reminded because my Payments Hub says that I’ve only made 3 payments in November and have 14 left to go whereas in actual fact, because my payday is on the 26th of each month, the majority of my Recurring Payments go out at the end of the month after payday and so the majority of this (payday) month’s payments were actually paid at the end of Oct.

So the Payments Hub numbers in a calendar month are meaningless to me based on the monthly cycle I use to think about my money! I’m guessing I’m not the only one who thinks like this perhaps?



(Moving this to separate topic too)

And on that note actually, I already have my Energy provider in my RP list and so it appears in the new Payments Hub carousel linked to the Energy card. But then two cards on, there’s another Energy card asking me to link my energy bill?

Hi @charlwillis

  1. Yes we want to look at moving several of our features to be more based on custom cycles (such as payday) rather than just calendar months. Watch this space for updates on that.

  2. Sorry I know why you have this 2nd card and I’ll get that fixed for you. Basically we converted some data for you from the old regular payment screen (where you could add product / renewal dates etc). However, we didn’t take account of regular payments that had subsequently been turned off. This extra card was for a regular payment for your old provider (Tonik). Sorry about that error.

That card will be removed shortly.


Thank you @paul_k. Much appreciated :+1:t2:

Great news about the customised monthly cycles - this will be a really valuable feature.