Extra features?

Could there be a way to manually add a recurring transaction if your algorithm misses it. I can select one and categorise it but can’t make it a recurring payment.

Could there also be an option to divide the account into a main and a sub account . Like having a food budget account that has a limit so I can assign the food bought so I know how much I’ve left at a glance for that month.

Finally can the months be altered to reflect a different start date or length like 28 days if needed as my pay cycle is every 4 weeks.

Hi @DBreslin thanks for sharing some great ideas there.

We are working on some enhancements related to adding things to our Payments Hub that our analyser doesn’t spot. If you have any specifics missing now, please drop us a line at hello@snoop.app or tap on the option in the app to say your payment is missing and we’ll take a look.

We certainly have plans to look at more budgeting features next year and that will include the ability to set custom cycles rather than just the calendar months we use today.