New Beta Release (v1.3.0) + Outage on Tuesday 17th March

Hi all - our next app release for both IOS and Android will be rolled out on Tuesday 17th March.

The focus for this release is all about the Snoop feed :sunglasses:

We’ve listened to your feedback and made some changes…

New Features

  • You told us the number of Snoops in your feed can be too much. So we’re going to show them in smaller sets with the option to hunt for more. You can decide how many Snoops you want to see in your feed each time
  • We’ve made it easy to dismiss a Snoop so you can lose it from your feed quickly if it’s not for you
  • We’ve changed the feedback options to ‘More like this’ and ‘Less like this’ – so it only takes a tap to tell Snoop what you want to see more and less of, without affecting what’s currently on your feed
  • Plus you can now tell us when something’s ‘Done’

Bugs :beetle: and Cosmetic Changes

  • Android push messages will now open the app correctly
  • IOS users will be automatically logged off after you’ve not used the app for a while
  • We’ve fixed some rare app crashes. In particular for specific Android devices that use a certain type of Biometrics

We will need to have a small outage on Tuesday morning from 09:30 to deliver these changes. I’d expect this to take no more than 2 hours. You will see a message in the app to say Snoop is not available during this time.

Let us know what you think?


Hi - just to say this release is fully complete now so you should be able to access the new version of the app through Google Play or IOS Test Flight.

Let us know if you have any problems.