Share Portfolio

Hi, I hold a share portfolio with IG Trading. Is there a way to link to this on Snoop. I’d like to see the total value of the portfolio appear alongside my other bank accounts, savings accounts etc.

Thanks in advance

Hi @gavcam79

Right now this isn’t possible in Snoop.

Snoop works within a set of rules and systems that are commonly referred to as ‘Open Banking’. Under the regulations, account providers must allow their customers to access certain accounts through apps like Snoop.

But, these regulations only cover something called a ‘Payment Account’ and as many savings and investments accounts/portfolios aren’t classed as this type of product, banks and other providers aren’t obligated to provide access, so don’t in the majority of cases.

We hope this changes in the future as of course, we’re keen to connect to as many account types as possible.


I suppose this means that stocks and shares ISA or GIA accounts are not covered?

thanks right @MBA1413 - we really hope this changes in the future, but for now these account types can’t be connected to Snoop.


I understand the limitations, but as an interim, could we not add those accounts manually and maintain them ourselves? It would be great to see all our money in one place, instead of having to maintain spreadsheets or similar? For shares for example the share price could be linked and pulled from the individual stock market.

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Completely agree this would be useful and it’s something we’re keen to add to Snoop.

I’ll share your vote for this with the team!