Multiple First Direct Accounts

I have 3 Accounts at First Direct (current, credit and savings) and I basically run everything from here.

I seem only to be able to link the current account to snoop. Is this pilot error?

Hi @Beggers - it’s not pilot error :blush:

Until very recently no HSBC credit cards and savings accounts were available as part of Open Banking interfaces. They have just switched this on for savings and credit cards should apparently be next week.

That said, we need a little time to work with these new accounts and to check their new interfaces are stable and working as expected. We hope to make these account types available as quickly as possible.

We are keeping a post updated here as we add new accounts:


Thanks Paul - I’ll keep an eye out

Hi, I’d really like to see activity on my FD credit card account as the majority of my money goes out through that.
Can we get an update on when this might be available please
Apart from this (current) limitation, I love the app

Hi @Orangutan67 the new platform provided by HSBC that covers credit cards and savings accounts across all their brands has been in testing for the last few weeks.

I’m afraid the testing has found a number of issues and we are in discussions with HBSC about how they can get these resolved as quickly as possible. We are not alone on this - a number of Third Party providers who use these Open Banking interfaces have also raised similar concerns and issues with the bank.

As soon as we are confident the interfaces are reliable and stable we will certainly switch them on to customers.


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