HSBC, First Direct & M&S Extended Products

Good morning - our next release will include an important upgrade for HSBC group customers.

From next week you will be able to connect:

  • HSBC Credit Cards & Savings Accounts
  • First Direct Credit Cards & Savings Accounts
  • M&S Bank Credit Card & Savings Accounts

Behind the scenes we will be using a ‘new’ Open Banking platform provided by HSBC. Unfortunately this means that any existing connected HBSC will need to be removed and added again over the next few weeks as HSBC are retiring the old platform.

We will contact customers impacted about this separately. It’s important to note when you re-add your account you will not lose any category changes you’ve made for example.



Love that they’ve updated the platform to include additional accounts, hate that they haven’t just made everything available. Still can’t see the ISA or Regular Saver account I hold with First Direct (only an old, no longer used basic saving account).

You’d have thought the effort required on their side was the same to add a few or all of their products!

Hi @0weavern - HSBC are certainly not alone in this.

Basically the rules which make banks share this data (part of something called ‘PSD2’ for those of you who like banking regulations :nerd_face: ) only mandate the sharing of data for ‘Payment Accounts’. The definition of which is debated frequently.

Most banks have decided that many of their savings accounts (and products such as ISAs) don’t fall under this definition, so therefore they don’t need to share the data. If they don’t need to, then often don’t choose to sadly.

We hope regulations and customer demand will eventually mean the range of products supported by APIs will increase.


Good morning everyone

We’ve had the new HSBC platform running for a few days now and some of you may have noticed a problem with Pending transactions not getting applied to the account balance correctly.

HSBC have changed how they are providing some of the balance data between their old platform and new and that is causing this issue.

We are in discussions with HSBC about the best and quickest way to get this resolved. We have put a message into the app whilst this problem is happening.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi everyone

As well as the balance issue mentioned above, I’m afraid we are having a further teething problem with the new HSBC platform - impacting all three HSBC brands.

Many of our regular account refreshes are failing and HSBC can not currently explain why this is. The latest information we had from them (yesterday evening) was:

"Investigation is ongoing, initial findings point to the digital security platform as the root cause. We will restart some of the components after 8pm tonight hoping that this will bring down the error rate and we will continue with investigation into root cause and potential fix next week."

I’m afraid that has action does not appear to have had any positive improvement this morning. This means your account may not update automatically for a few days. One thing you can do as a tactical measure for this weekend is tap on the reconnect option and that appears to get things moving again.

I’m sorry about this - we were assured the new platform would be more stable and offer a range of benefits for HSBC customers. Our initial experiences, since we asked customers to start moving to this earlier this week, have been very disappointing.

We will obviously be pushing HSBC to get this resolved as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.


Hi everyone.

Just to keep everyone updated. HSBC did indeed make a change on Friday night which has improved the situation slightly (fewer new customers are getting impacted by this problem).

However I’m afraid it has not had any positive impact on the customers previously ‘stuck’. We’ve been pushing the bank all weekend and today for a resolution with this but so far they have not come through with the solution.

We have had mostly positive results for customers who have manually removed their accounts and added them ago, so please do give this a go if you are currently impacted. In parallel we continue to chase HSBC on a proper resolution.

Once again, we are sorry if these problems have impacted you.

Hi everyone

Today a fix was implemented regarding how Pending Transactions were being applied to balances for the new HSBC platform. From tomorrow our pop-up warning message will be removed.

We continue to monitor the other issue where accounts occasionally stop refreshing. We are in regular contact with HSBC to ensure these remaining issues are closed off by them.

If you do have any issues with your HSBC accounts, please do drop us a line at and we will certainly investigate this for you.


HSBC accounts have stopped updating

Sorry to hear that @gwuk.

I am getting that investigated now. It doesn’t appear to be a general issue, but I can certainly see your accounts have not refreshed since Sunday so clearly something is wrong for you :frowning:

I’ll come back to you directly via email.

Ok. Still no update since 13th

Hi @gwuk - sorry for the delay. I’ve sent you an email with the full story.

The basic summary is that we are still experiencing intermittent problems with this new HSBC platform. To be frank, we are very disappointed with the performance we’ve experienced on it since we were moved. Especially as we were told it would be much more stable than the old one.

HSBC have yet to explain to us in full why these problems are happening and they have yet to fix any impacted accounts - the only solution so far has been ‘remove the account and start again’. Not at all satisfactory I’m afraid.

We are in discussions about getting these problems resolved as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience and apologies if your accounts are impacted by this.


Hi everyone

Although we have a new Android specific issue with HSBC this week (HSBC Android App Problem), the good news is that the problem with accounts not refreshing appears to have been fixed :crossed_fingers:

We haven’t seen any new examples of this in the last week since they implemented a fix.

If you do think anything is wrong, please do drop us a line at so we can investigate further.