HSBC Android App Problem

Hi everyone - HSBC released a new version of their Android app this week and it appears to have a problem :slightly_frowning_face:

We’ve had multiple customers contact us to tell us they see an error message ‘Something has gone wrong’ and they are unable to complete an account connection or reconnection.

We’ve raised this with HSBC today as an urgent issue.

For now, I’m afraid the only away around this is to temporarily offload/remove the HSBC app from your device and you will then be taken to the HSBC online banking system to complete your Open Banking connection process.



Just to say - this is being worked on by HSBC now. Their update:

High Priority: HSBC Retail Android App Issue

HSBC has become aware that a new version of the HSBC Personal mobile app for Android devices launched last Thursday has caused an issue for Open Banking Android users. Customers are currently receiving an error message when trying to consent or re-consent.

Root cause analysis is currently in progress. We will issue an update once we have a fix ETA.

HSBC Business, first direct and M&S Bank, as well as HSBC personal customers using iOS devices are not impacted by this.

The HSBC Open Banking team

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Hi everyone. HSBC released a fix for this in the last couple of hours. So all Android connections should work again now.