Help / bug? NatWest Open Banking App Connection not working

Attempting to connect NatWest personal CA; have NatWest app installed and registered on phone; but on attempting to connect from Snoop app I am redirected to browser and asked for online banking login. IE app open/connection seems broken in flow?

Note, when I login to the NatWest app independently (separate session) I am deep linked into an open banking screen identifying that Snoop has made a request to connect my account and giving authorisation. However out of sync with the Snoop flow. If I accept here, no redirect back to Snoop.

All other app-to-app connections with other banks seem to work for me?

(android oneplus 5t latest OS) thanks

Thanks for letting us know @EJD.

We had another customer have a problem last night with Natwest so I wonder if they have changed something.

We have raised a question to them to investigate and I will update here when we hear back.


Thank you! As an FYI, open banking connection successfully setup, it just required me to manually open the NatWest App, connect, and close. I went back into snoop a few mins later and it was loading transaction details. Which completed in a few mins. Note though, since it was out of flow, I didn’t have the usual messages about ‘we’re just loading your transactions’.

Ok glad you got sorted @EJD. We will certainly investigate what’s wrong with Natwest.