NatWest failing to connect

Trying to connect a NatWest bank account to the app just doesn’t work.

Snoop just cant find the NatWest app. No matter what I do, I can’t make Snoop recognise the NatWest app on my phone, so it redirects to the website, which is fine. I enter my customer number (as prompted), and it then redirects me to the app, saying it failed to connect with no other information given.
This makes the app rather useless entirely, as it doesn’t seem like you can manually add any information to it, nor see any information from the bank.

Is there any way to change this, so it functioms properly?

Hi @skypc - really sorry to hear you’re having trouble connecting.

We’ve had no other reports of this so we’ll need to look into it further. Would you mind checking you’re on the latest version of the NatWest app? And it’d be great if you could email in at so we can check a few more things with you.

Many thanks