Tuesday 18th - Account Linking Problems

Hi everyone

We’re experiencing intermittent problems connecting to some banks this afternoon.

If you need to add a new account, please try and connect your account. However if you have difficulties, please close Snoop and we will post an update on here later once we have resolved the issues.


Hi all - we will be closely monitoring this all day and will post any further updates if delays continue

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Thanks for keeping us updated @paul_k! We understand issues occur even when not in beta, so we appreciate everything you guys do!


Hello, connected a tsb account today… Wasn’t a great user experience.
On an Android 9 Sony experia.

-selected to connect a tsb account
-Snoop screen with explanation of what happens
(I didn’t fully read these this time… But seemed to be the same as the notes for linking a natwest account?)
-triggered a ‘how do you want to open this link?’ option:
Tsb app
-selected tsb app it ‘crashes’ and sends you back to snoop
-selected open with chrome
Displayed ‘certificate install’ notification
this might be standard to this process… But it looked a bit spammy to me. Might put users off.
It also didnt work to select to install it… Had to use a sneaky browser back button manoeuvre… Some users might not do this so mayer wouldn’t connect a tsb.

So if this is the same for other users too, I wonder if it might be better to:

-fully explain in the Snoop ‘link account notes’ that you will receive a ‘certificate install notification’ (for tsb accounts… Linking with natwest, opening the app was fine)
(apologies if the Snoop notes do say this… Like I say, didn’t fully read them this time)

-if it is within your control (I understand that it might be determined by the device itself) to force opening in a Web browser and not providing the option of the tsb app

If ir makes any difference it was a joint tsb account.

Hope this helps


Hi @dec really sorry to hear you’ve had problems.

If you have the app from your bank, the process is designed to be really simple and normally is. So all the problems you had after you described from the point the TSB app ‘crashed’ shouldn’t happen.

I’ve not seen (or heard anyone) talk about getting a certificate install message and it’s certainly not designed to include that step regardless of how you chose to link. Did you get this prompt when you left the Snoop branded page and were loading the TSB web process?

Can I also ask what problem you first got when the TSB app crashed? Did it present any error message first? Can you remember which step caused the crash after you loaded their app or did it not appear to get that far?

Both of these things I’d like to raise with TSB as they need to investigate.

There are two things the bank will likely ask us to check with you before we raise further:

  1. Are using the latest version of the TSB app (from Google Play)
  2. Can you check the TSB app is fully closed before you start (out of the phone’s memory). Obviously it shouldn’t be needed, but occasionally causes problems if you’ve recently been in to their app and it’s not closed down properly.

The only other thing I can think of is (based on the time of your post) maybe this something happening in the early hours of Monday? I will check in case TSB had any maintenance around this time - banks often do this at their most quiet times.

If you wouldn’t mind trying the 2 steps above and sending me and more details (on here on via email to hello@snoop.app) then I raise with TSB as needed.

Sorry again you had trouble connecting and thanks for your patience and feedback,