Bugs and issues to begin with

ive have already sent this to feedback@ and they are happy with the response but posting it here for others to add to if they want

ive tried the app and so fair found a few bugs and had a few crashes so I will list them number order so you can reply to each one if you want

  1. During the setup it let me selected a bank, so I selected my Barclays, it took me to the Barclays app, and then back to a webpage inside safari where I was prompted to re-open snoop, I can see in the URL you are using AWS lambda in the Ireland region, but the page was mis-displayed and looked horrible

  2. During the initial setup as explain previously I was only able to link 1 bank account, as it took me back into the snoop app and then to the home page where it started doing stuff, as I was unable to find where to add a second bank account? I eventually found it under the settings and my accounts but it was long winded! So it would be an idea to maybe go back to the bank list and then have tick items next to which bank is already linked and then a skip button if u linked the number you want

  3. I was also unable to link another account while the previous bank account was being analysed, the add button was disabled, any reason as the was explanation when I click add button as it just did nothing…

  4. The updating of my bank data seems to take forever! I linked my Barclays about 6.20pm ish last nite, Halifax, Monzo, revolut, but for some reason when I checked the app about 10pm it hadn’t updated? As I had made purchases and bank transfers that night between the accounts and even sent money to a friends bank account. By the time I wake up in this morning 7pm, the app had said it was updated at 6.20am, which is 12 hours later!!!

  5. Im currently having problems with my revolut account, when I first linked them, I was taken revoluts website to auth, but when asked which accounts I wanted to share I was unable to tick my other accounts, as it seem to of listed 3 accounts with them (GBP, EUR, USD). It would be best if you only specified GBP accounts as now I have 3 accounts listed in snoop all called the same thing and I have no idea which is which???

  6. I am unable to REMOVE a bank account, e.g. the revolut issue as listed above and ive tried all sorts, tried every button and every option but nothing happens, cant swipe to left with a delete option and nothing listed in the 3 dots options either, IS THE A DELETE OPTION!

  7. I had a random crash last night and I did submit a feedback msg when it popped up asking did I wanna send this crash report, but basically when I selected my revolut account, it was taking its time to list the transactions on that account, so would just show this blank line with like a loading progress, BUT if you press the blank line or loading progress bar, the app just crashes to home screen straight away

  8. The doesnt appear to be away of hiding the ‘I dont have snoops for you’ blue message box at the bottom of the screen as it does get abit annoying when I select a transaction to change the category or see for instance the total transactions of that type of item

  9. I have a personal starling bank account and sadly its not listed in your list of support bank accounts, any idea when it will be available as I am a developer myself and I already use there API for certain things on my bank account and its very easy to use so I dont understand why its not listed?

  10. When I select an item and then go back to the home screen of snoop, the ‘here are your latest snoops’ blue box seems to hog over half of the screen and I have to lower it down to see the full list of my bank accounts correctly, can this maybe be the default of using the small spare instead of half the screen?

  11. During the initial sign up process some of the icons where missing for the bank accounts, but later inside the app when I went to add other bank accounts, the icons all re-appeared (see attached image)

I hope this list is good enough for you and a good starting point to fix bugs and problems!



  1. Yes we agree about this page. In fact we’ve already made various improvements to this in our next release. We ideally wouldn’t have this page at all, but we’ve had various problems with how certain banks handle the redirect back to our app, so we’ve had to introduce our own page in the middle of the process to ensure it works and helps customers who get ‘stuck’ between the apps. The new page will look a lot nicer!

2 & 3. We have a plus button on the homepage and in the settings screen, but right now we disable this whilst accounts are importing. We just did this initially to ensure our platform was stable during the import process, however we are already planning to change this very soon to allow multiple accounts being added at the same time.

  1. Currently we only refresh data with your bank 4 times per day. In a few weeks time we will introduce an ‘on demand’ refresh.

  2. For some reason Revolut recently changed their open banking process to not allow their customer to turn off the non-GBP accounts when they connect. We are not sure why, but I’m sure they have a reason! We don’t actually control that part of the process. We’ve also spotted a problem where we don’t make it clear which accounts are non-GBP, so we will address that. Also we will be introducing the ability to rename any account as required in the next few weeks.

  3. Yes, remove account is in development right now. Watch this space.

  4. Yes we received your Crash Report and we will address this. Again this is related to a Revolut specific problem associated with the non-GBP accounts. They are the only bank that currently provide this data so we need to improve our processing on it. Thanks again for spotting this one.

  5. Thanks, we’ve had feedback on this and we will address in future.

  6. Starling is coming soon and in development now. Please keep an eye here for updates: Which banks are supported by Snoop?

  7. I’ll pass this feedback on to the Snoops team

  8. Thanks we’ve not seen that one before. We will investigate.

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I think number 2 is self explanatory, when I set up it told me it could only add one bank at a time, so I was able to continue in the app and look around.

oh right i never noticed that message?
where abouts was it?
as its not listed in the ‘get ready to connect’ page now after ive added my accounts

It comes up as you start the process, at least it did for me!

You open up, start the signing up & then add your first bank & Snoop kindly tells you he can only add one at a time and that as it’s your first Snoop there are some example Snoops below we can look at while he does his work.

oh right ok,
haha must of totally missed that, was impatient, my bad

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To be fair they could have added that recently I’m not sure. But I definitely got the ‘I can only add one at a time’ message haha

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ahhh this is starting to make sense - I’ve just taken a look at your account @si458 as I was surprised you’d not seen the message @ryev referred to as it should pop up for all users the first time they connect an account.

You didn’t miss it though @si458 - it just didn’t appear for you. Plus you didn’t get a welcome email from us either. It looks like our communications platform didn’t populate your email address (should happen automatically via an sdk) meaning your messages and emails didn’t fire as they should. We’re already looking into this problem, but you are a real-life example of where this has happened and it’s impacted your experience. So a big thank you @si458 for raising the point about confusion in the first place, and to you @ryev for highlighting what should have happened. Dream team :raised_hands:

We’ll get this sorted as soon as we can.

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oh wow thank you!
i never even throught about a welcome email, but come to think of it, it makes sense now!
glad i can help :smiley:

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