Any way to remove a bank account?

Seem to have difficulty adding HSBC. Finally added but it seems to have added twice. Can’t seem to find a way to remove the second one?

check my post and a reply from snoop, its currently in development…

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thanks @si458

@Will_Fezz sorry about any trouble you had connecting your HSBC account. As @si458 says, we’re working on the in-app ‘remove account’ feature right now and hope to have this ready soon. But for now, if you’ve got a duplicate account you’d like to remove, we’ll be able to do this in the back-end for you from early next week - we want to make sure when we do this for you behind the scenes it is completely correct and any duplicate transactions are removed so are just doing a little more testing.

If you’d like to send us at email at, we’ll take a look at this for you and get the dupe removed as soon as we can next week? thank you :blush:

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Having just zapped an email to snoop, I now get gist regarding account duplication.

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Loving the app, but i have a similar issue of a duplicate bank account and credit card linked to Snoop. Caused by a bit of impatience on my behalf :unamused::hourglass_flowing_sand:… the accounts didn’t show up the instance I linked them, so linked them again. I know good things come to those who wait, but I just got over excited :crazy_face:

Easy mistake to make, so would be a great feature to be able to remove/unlink accounts.

May even be worth looking at the UI on that part of the journey to ensure the user is getting feedback from the app that link is still being made?

Thanks for the feedback @Lee

I promise this feature is very close. Sneak peak attached :wink:

We are in final stages of testing and hope to include in our next release.




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Nice one well done

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Looking forward to this update :raised_hands:t3: