Adding Store cards and Paypal

If would be useful to add store cards and PayPal so everything is on one dashboard.

Do you know if snoop has plans for this?

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Hi @Nblooqr,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Snoop uses a technology called Open Banking to connect to accounts, and that technology currently that covers Credit Cards, Current Accounts and certain Savings Accounts. If your store cards are normal credit cards, then they are likely to have Open Banking interfaces available currently, or hopefully at some point in the future.

On Paypal - we would love to connect with them in future, but our priority right now is to extend coverage across current accounts, credit cards and savings accounts that are available through standard UK open banking interfaces. PayPal does have custom interfaces available, so it’s certainly on our list to look at later this year.

We’re keeping a post up to date with the latest on banks and providers we have up and running, as well as those in the pipeline, so do keep an eye out there for updates:


Hi Laura if you look on my transactions you will see engage mutual. This is my first payment for my over 50 life insurance can you add it to my payment hub please. And also the sainsburys bank should be monthly not annually

I will be paying engage mutual every month Laura. It’s my life insurance premiums

The sainsburys bank is my savings

Hi @Emsley,

Thanks for getting in touch. I have sent an email to you with more information about your payments, and steps to help you link your Engage Mutual payment in the Payment Hub.


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Thank you laura