The co-operative bank

Hi I’ve downloaded the app but there isn’t a co-operative bank on your list what can I do?

Hey @Jen15 - thanks for giving Snoop a try!

Unfortunately Co-op Bank isn’t listed as they don’t provide open banking APIs (which is the secure tech Snoop needs to connect) yet.

Co-op uses an alternative connection method referred to as ‘screen scraping’ and for it to work, a customer has to share log-on credentials with an authorised 3rd party and that service then ‘logs on’ on to the bank on the customer’s behalf.

This method doesn’t work with many of our features and we at Snoop don’t think bank credentials should ever be something you share with a third party. So we’ve never supported this method and we don’t plan to in future.

The good news is that we’ve heard Co-op may change their position and will be falling in line with all the other banks who provide APIs. I can’t give you any timescales on this, but we’d look to support them if and when they become available.