Kroo Bank

Kroo ( is a new digital bank currently top of the MoneySavingExpert table for easy access interest rate, causing lots of new sign ups.
They have a page about Open Banking on their website so hopefully shouldn’t be too hard to add to Snoop


thanks @Jam1e for the idea. We’ll definitely be taking a look :blush:



I’d also be grateful for Kroo integration

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Hi @Gmstah

We are currently working on integration with Kroo, keep a look out for further updates here: Which banks are supported by Snoop? - #154 by paul_k


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Kroo integration also a big one for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi everyone - we are in regular discussions with Kroo and we want to enable them in Snoop as quickly as possible.

Sadly though, their current Open Banking interfaces don’t work as we need them to, so we are waiting for their development team to make changes. We are not alone here - I’m not aware of any other Open Banking app that has been able to work with them yet (almost certainly for the same reasons as us).


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the update, that’s good to hear but annoying from them! I have also recommended integrations to budgeting apps via open banking to Kroo’s own customer services team today too.


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Has there been any progress on this? I know other providers are debating not adding a Kroo integration due to their interface not being up to standard

Sadly @JayBKTaylor we have to wait for Kroo to resolve the problems and we are not in a position to progress with them until they do. We are still waiting to hear when Kroo might resolve this.

I’m also still not aware of any 3rd party app/service using the Kroo interfaces.


+1 for this. Everyone tweet @kroobank and let them know :slight_smile:


I would like KROO and Nutmeg

Thanks - I’m afraid still no news from Kroo on any resolution to their Open Banking interfaces

Nutmeg are outside of Open Banking @Mike1 even if they might have similar APIs to enable access to their investment products. Right now we only use Open Banking interfaces which cover current accounts, credit cards and certain savings products.


I set up a Nutmeg account because my Money Dashboard app did a download. Now I have had to ditch Money Dashboard, I have to do it as an offline account with Snoop. It would be amazing if Snoop could do links to Fidelity and other investment accounts, but can cope with updating manually every few days.

Understood - it’s not in our immediate plans I’m afraid, but I’ve certainly shared the feedback.

Disappointing that Kroo is not available as a link. Even though Kroo is paying for advertising (referral links) on Snoop.

Hi @toffah we’d love to connect with Kroo - but sadly no app has been able to work with their current Open Banking interfaces (that I’m aware of).

We are waiting for them to be fixed.


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Moneyhub now works with Kroo. Does that mean they’re now fixed?

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I thought the old MoneyDashboard also worked with Kroo.

Hi @pingoo - Kroo have launched Open Banking connectivity that works differently to the other banks we work with today.

Without getting too technical, there are lots of different ways we can ‘authenticate’ with a bank. If you are really interested, the different approaches are described here

Kroo have chosen a method (called ‘decoupled’) which doesn’t work so easily from a mobile app service like Snoop. They are perfectly in their rights to do it this way and it’s just as secure… it’s just not how banks normally do it (especially not a mobile based bank).

The flow is not as simple as the more common method, where we can simply redirect to their app/website and let you authenticate there before you are redirected back to Snoop.

We can’t currently work with this method, mostly due to a technical partner that we use who are unable to support it at the moment. We hope that will come soon, but we can’t give any timescale I’m afraid.