Monzo Pots

I think being able to see Monzo ‘pots’ within Snoop would be a good addition to the app.


Thanks @Abaileys - a few Monzo users have mentioned this and it’s certainly on our list.

It’s not part of the standard Open Banking interfaces (hence it’s not already done), however the great team at Monzo do provide interfaces (APIs) for Pots. So, it’s something that certainly possible in future with some custom development.

Our focus right now is bringing in as many current accounts, credit cards and savings accounts as we can, but we will certainly look to extend into these type of enhancements in future too.



Hi guys,

Are you able to give a timeline from when you are planning to integrate it?
Currently, it’s a nightmare to see my date correct because of that like I have a house fund pot which I control my house bills and rent. Every time I pay something from there shows in snoop entering money and leaving from the main account but lead to my total amounts going crazy…
I’ve discussed this with Paul over a lot of emails but at the time had no timeline for it. Can you share if that would be Q2, Q3, QX?

Without it makes almost impossible having snoop containing all my finances.


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Hi @brunosmm I understand how important the Pots feature is to Monzo customers and we really want to integrate with them more fully as quickly as possible.

However, when it comes to bank integrations our immediate focus has to be bringing in many of the larger banks that we don’t yet support. Although we already support over 25 different providers, we are yet to deliver some really important ones that take up a lot of development effort because of the services they provide (An update on Starling And Amex). We also have HSBC that have launched a new platform to unlock Credit Cards and Savings Accounts, but again this requires effort on our side too.

Our bank integration teams have to focus fully on this type of work first.

Once we have those in place, we will certainly be looking to extend services with banks we already work with like Monzo. It’s very difficult to put a timescale on this because we’ve seen with Amex for example how we can be massively delayed if the bank services are not operating as we’d hope or expect. However, as we are mid-way though Q2 now, it’s unlikely any additional Monzo development will start before Q3.

I’m really sorry if this is disappointing to you, but I hope you can understand the priority decisions we have to take?



Hi Paul,

Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to Q3!
My only argument is, the same as integrating with HSBC savings would be to incorporate with Monzo Pots since Monzo has savings there, like 2 of my pots are savings as well, so the point of priority HSBC savings instead of Monzo Pots do not make much sense to me. I believe, and maybe I am wrong, but most of the snoopers are young people who tend to have Monzo accounts than HSBC, so I see this integration as so crucial as HSBC savings.
Thanks for sharing some timeline!! :slight_smile:

@brunosm agreed that HSBC savings accounts are in many ways no different to Monzo pots.

However, their new platform unlocks credit cards for multiple HSBC brands (including First Direct and M&S) so this is a massive and important addition to Snoop. Many customers have their actual spend on their credit card - so not having access to this makes Snoop significantly less useful if it can’t see actual transactional spend. If it was just a savings platform for HSBC, we wouldn’t prioritise this as highly.

Basically we’d love to do everything at once, but we have to make some tough priority calls to get things done in the right order.



Now that AMEX and soon Starling have been added - I’d love for this to be the next focus! It would really make things a lot better where currently the pot transfers make the income / spending look strange!

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Hi @hawkzzter we know this is important to Monzo users and we will get to this feature development.

However, when it comes to bank connections our immediate priorities are (in this order):

Completing Starling Bank
HSBC Group Credit Cards (& Savings)
NewDay Cards
Creation Cards
Sainsbury Bank

I totally understand that integrating Pots will improve the experience for our Monzo users. However It’s important to enable as many large account providers as possible first, as currently customers of those can’t get to their data at all.

I will update on Monzo Pots as soon as I have some news on this.


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Awesome - thanks for being so transparent! Yes that does make sense to get the other account connections sorted first.

Just to check would the HSBC group savings be expect to include the First Direct savings accounts as well?

Yes @hawkzzter HSBC group will cover the main HSBC brand, First Direct and M&S.

They don’t support their entire savings range (as is the case with all banks). However, most of the common savings should be included.

We will post more about this nearer the time.



Is there any update on Monzo pots?

Hi there

No news yet I’m afraid. Other than we’re still really keen to add both Monzo Pots and Starling Spaces as we know how important these are to customers of those banks.

We’re actually dependent on an Open Banking partner that we work with to make this happen, and because these interfaces are not part of any standard Open Banking interface it hasn’t been something they’ve been focussing on. Instead they continue to work on adding new banks using Open Banking specs, as they become available.

We will definitely get there, but we have no ETA yet.


Just installed the app and loved at first sight, hence my disappointment when I realised you didn’t integrate Monzo pots and starling spaces in it, most of my money I keep in pots which makes this app not appealing anymore, I’m quite sad because this is the first financial tracker that I liked in ages, I’m sad to say I won’t be using it until support to pots is added :frowning:

Understood @rodrigofante and thanks for the feedback.

This remains something we want to do - but for the reasons @Cara mentions above it’s not possible for us to offer these at the moment.