Tagging Savings

New Snoop user.

I’m not a Monzo customer yet. But I’m looking for a way to create ‘Pots’ in Snoop. I mainly bank with First Direct.

What I’m trying to achieve is to be able to tag amounts in my savings to keep track rather than having lots of actual savings accounts with small amounts in.

So let’s say out of this savings £400 is assigned to A, £1200 to B and so on.

Is there some functionality built in to Snoop?

Also there is one First Direct savings account that won’t import to Snoop, is that normal?

Hi @MediaBoy - we don’t have exactly what you are looking for. You can use custom categories to tag transactions against a specific name.

So you could create one called ‘Rainy Day Fund’ and then tag specific transactions across any number of underlying accounts. You could then use spending analysis to see a breakdown of this.

Maybe worth giving this a try to see if that achieves what you are looking for?

With regards your First Direct Savings account - the bank controls if a specific account is available to select in the Open Banking permission process. For Savings Accounts - sometimes the bank decides some accounts are not available (for example things like ISAs). I have a regular First Direct savings account which IS available via Open Banking but I know other savings products the bank offers do not appear. I’m afraid we can’t influence this and you’d need to speak to the bank about why a particular account is not available.


Hi Paul

Thank you for your reply. The method you suggest is not going to work well for me. It won’t achieve what I need.

I’ll continue to use an excel sheet, which is not ideal. I was all set to get that Snoop premium plan, but this type of feature is not hard to sort so I’ll look elsewhere I think.

As for FD, all accounts work apart from a regular savings account. FD say it’s available to scalp, so not sure why Snoop is not pulling it in.

Appreciate your help.

For the FD account - when you go to the bank app from Snoop, does it show as something you can select for sharing?