Monzo Pots

It’s because the Monzo Pots integration is not a standard Open Banking format interface that other banks use. A similar situation exists on Starling Spaces.

We happen to work with a technical provider who focusses on Open Banking standard APIs. Others have done bespoke integrations with Monzo’s APIs to make this work.

We continue to push our partner for this and look for other solutions as needed. Many of the team here at Snoop use Monzo or Starling so understand how useful this would be.


Guys, you’ve got 2 options

  • Ignore payments from your pot accounts, and just track your main balance (discretionary spend)
  • use Emma or MoneyHub.

I find it incredible that this request is 3 years old and we’re still being told “this isn’t technically possible”.

The very fact your competitors are doing this - shows that it is. Please give your partner the boot and hire someone who can build a custom integration, as the Monzo API’s are there and ready to be used!

Hi @Cullen411

We certainly don’t say it isn’t technically possible. As I’ve said a few times above - we use standard Open Banking interfaces today and this particular product is not covered by these APIs.

Bespoke APIs are available from Monzo, but we don’t have access to these today.


OK, so I assume the product team have carried out a discovery session to see what it would take to integrate these API’s over the past 3 years?

For an app like Snoop, budgeting is the core value prop. Monzo Pots significantly help people with that, to “silo” funds for bills, groceries, transport etc.

Competitors like Moneyhub and Emma have built these integrations and are grabbing those some 9m users that could otherwise be using Snoop to manage their budgets.

Please reconsider the priority of this. Monzo users are exactly the demograph you should be targeting.

Hi @Cullen411 I look after all systems here at Snoop so I can assure you it’s been properly considered, we understand exactly what it would take and our desire to do this is high.

However we don’t have any timetable on when this will be possible right now. When we do, I’ll be sure to share it.


Hi all - want to also add my +1. Love the app but frustrating I cannot track Monzo pots for savings.