Beta bugs

Hi, I have a little aesthetic bug.

After clicking the ‘Explore’ link i get to the ‘Transactions’ screen which shows the current month and previous months etc but on my phone the current month and previous month are showing fine but the third month (i.e. Dec) much further away and is cut off the screen and only showing ‘ec’ instead od Dec. This is then repeated for all months the I can select, so if I select ‘Jan’ the Nov is being displayed as just ‘ov’!

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Good spot - thanks @Leighton, we’ll take a look at that :+1:

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Just FYI - on Android, all three letters are displayed and no months are cut off.

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Ah that’s interesting, I’m on Android too on a Huawei P20 Pro Mate, so perhaps it’s just my phone that has this issue

Oh weird! (Google Pixel 3 for me)

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On a different note, it would be really helpful if you could multiselect transactions in the transactions list to be able to change the category of more than one transaction at a time. All my transfers are coming up under ‘Finances’ which may work for some people but I want them under ‘Transfers’. So I’m going through one by one and recategorising them (which, as per the previous bug mentioned, is tricky anyway because when you go back to the transactions list the category doesn’t show as changed until you go out and come back in again). It would be really helpful if I could select more than one transaction at a time to do this!


Just a jump in from an iPhone XS Max running iOS 13.4 (public beta) there are no problems with the displaying of anything that I’ve found so far :sunglasses:

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thanks @charlwillis - I see where you’re coming from completely.

We’ll put this on the feature list and consider with the team. Appreciated!

Not sure if I’m missing something, but the app when I change a transaction asks if I want to do it for all of the ones it can find.

There’s been 1 or 2 instances where it hasn’t done that, but largely it has done this for a bunch of transactions.

Hi @ryev just to explain how our current features work alongside your transactions:

When we import your account transactions we try and spot the ‘Merchant’ involved on each. Depending on how good the bank data is, this is sometimes easy and other times less so! :blush:

Once we have spotted the merchant, we can then group together any transactions you’ve made there - regardless of the account you’ve used.

This means we can do things like show a nice logo, give you insights about your spending and link to relevant Snoops. This merchant linking also crucially allows categorisation to be applied to lots, rather than individual transactions.

We are working on a new feature where you will be able to ‘upgrade’ a transaction that we didn’t identify the merchant and you can in fact make that process happen manually. Then you would get all the benefits described above.

Hopefully that helps explain why sometimes we can do a bunch of transactions at once?


Hi @paul_k Does Snoop learn these new categaries ?

What I mean is, if we change a transaction category or several that has been mentioned, if there’s a new transaction of the same type, will snoop remember that it’s been changed or will it revert back and it will nee manually updating.

In this case, it would be good if snoop learnt how we use the app.

(As I’ve mentioned previously, custom categories would be a great benefit)

Hi @Leighton - yes, once we know the merchant for any transaction, if you decide to change a category and select to change ‘all transactions’ for that merchant, we will use that new category for any future transaction we see from your accounts.

As per a post elsewhere though - right now, we do have a bug in this area which is preventing this from working as it should. The good news is that we’ve already fixed this and it’s in our next release that everyone will get early next week (watch this space for more detail on that).


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That’s good news that it’s fixed @paul_k as I’m rarely seeing my transactions being grouped. I look forward to the next release!

Just noticed that transaction times are all 00:00 for my Tesco credit card. Why? Think it would be better to not show an incorrect time??

That screenshot also shows how some of the content overlaps the navigation when you scroll. Doesn’t look great

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Thanks @Richard - appreciate your comments.

We’re going to be turning off the time for Tesco transactions next week. We like to show the time where the bank or provider shares it with us, but completely agree that its confusing where it’s just zeros. Thanks for pointing it out.

Just on the formatting problem - would you mind letting us know what device you use?

thanks very much :blush:

It’s a Motorola G6

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Hi Richard,

if you continue to scroll does the full header transition into the title bar of your phone or does it get stuck as displayed in your screenshot?



Hi @Ross. Full scroll is fine. It’s only on partial scroll that it’s a bit strange

I’m having issues with Snoops today. I can see that a Snoop I pinned on the first day I used the app has now moved to the Pinned screen and doesn’t appear on the main Snoops screen. Great. But any new Snoops I pin either stay on the main Snoops screen if I click that I like it (whilst also moving to the Pinned Snoops screen) and at the top of that screen too (meaning new Snoops are below it and I’m less likely to see them) or disappear completely if I say I dislike them (to try to get it off the main Snoops screen) despite the fact I’ve said I want to pin it.

As a user, I’m just not clear on how I’m supposed to interact with these Snoops now to get them organised in the way I want them. In an ideal world, I’d like them to either be pinned and move off the main screen onto the Pinned screen (so my pinned screen is like a favourites list) or to be removed completely. I don’t want pinned Snoops remaining on my main Snoops screen, especially staying at the top.

Also, I’ve noticed that Snoops I disliked in earlier days have now started reappearing in my list of Snoops again!

On the plus side, I’m getting some much more personalised and interesting Snoops which is great to see! Just got to sort out the usability of them.