Which banks are supported by Snoop?

Then why isn’t co-op bank available? Don’t they have to provide access?

Hi @meedavid

There is one extra level of complexity which I didn’t explain above. To be compliant with the regulations about giving external access to data (called PSD2 if you are interested), there is an alternative connection method that some banks still use. It is only really Metro, Co-Op and John Lewis Credit Card who are large providers who do this (at least from the banks we get asked about regularly anyway).

These three offer something most people refer to as ‘screen scraping’, where a customer has to share log-on credentials with an authorised 3rd party and that service then ‘logs on’ on to the bank on the cusomer’s behalf.

This method does not work with many of our features and we personally don’t think bank credentials should ever be something you share with a third party. So we have never supported this method and we don’t plan to in future.

The good news is that we’ve heard both Co-Op and Metro maybe changing this stance and in future they will be falling in line with all the other banks who provide APIs. I can’t give you any timescales on this, but we’d certainly look to support them if and when they become available.


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The original post has been updated following some provider changes.

NewDay have retired some of their older brands and therefore these are no longer available:

NewDay - TUI Credit Card
NewDay - Laura Ashley Credit Card
NewDay - Miss Selfridge Credit Card
NewDay - Outfit Credit Card
NewDay - Topshop Credit Card
NewDay - Topman Credit Card

Instead they have been replaced with:

NewDay - Bip Credit Card
NewDay - Pulse Credit Card
NewDay - NewPay Credit Card

We’ve also taken the opportunity to introduce the following new Providers:

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Suggestion - Crypto.com debit card. It appears to support access via open banking.


Hi everyone - we’ve now added ‘Handelsbanken’ to the list of providers in Snoop.

The original post has been updated.

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Hi there - I’m just wondering whether Jaja credit cards are on the radar? They acquired / took over what was formerly the Post Office credit card a couple of years ago.

Hi there @ben_c

We are certainly aware of JaJa and we’d love to connect with them.

It’s our understanding that they don’t yet have any interfaces (APIs) that we can connect with. Most banks or card companies provide some sort of page on their website that is aimed at third party services like Snoop, where they outline what connection options they provide. Ja Ja don’t have anything like that at the moment.

Also - we can see that Ja Ja have not signed-up to Open Banking standards in the UK (Directory Archive - Open Banking)

If they ever do release APIs that we can use - we’d certainly be keen to connect with them.


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Hello, barclaycard released a Mastercard avios card but this can’t connect onto snoop. Why is this? I contacted her the team at barclaycard and they said to ask you.

I’ve had this problem. The issue is the Barclaycard app which doesn’t seem to behave in the open banking connection flow. It’s not Snoop as the same issue exists when trying to connect other aggregators.

Remove the Barclaycard app then try to connect. You’ll be diverted to Barclaycard web login and linking works via this route. You can then reinstall the Barclaycard app.

Thanks for confirming that workaround @o99

@Fusuy it’s not very helpful of Barclays to tell you to contact us. This problem with Avios cards is impacting all customers and all open banking services / apps like Snoop. It’s very much a Barclays issue not an issue with the apps that use Open Banking.

We raised this with them a few weeks ago and this was their explanation:

While Avios cards should be available for connection, we are currently seeing an issue preventing this which we are investigating. We will keep you updated as we work on a resolution.

They have been updating us regularly - but no resolution yet I’m afraid.


Thanks for telling me about this workaround. It does work.


Hello! Are there any plans to include crypto.com in the app?


Loving the app. Is there a timescale for getting Yorkshire Building Society linked? Money Dashboard has it so I assume it meets the secure API you’re needing.

Thank you!

Hi @alexach and @Megd25

Sorry we don’t have any firm plans for either Crypto.com or Yorkshire Building Society at the moment.

I’ll certainly post here if that changes.


I’ve updated the original post to reflect three new additions to our supported bank list this month:

  • Cater Allen
  • AIB
  • First Trust (a brand of AIB)


2 months have passed since Iast asked, so thought I’d try my luck again … Any news on Yorkshire Building Society? Thank you :blush:

Sorry @Megd25 but we don’t have any news on Yorkshire Building Society at the moment.


Is this really true?

I had thought it was true, but there seem to be several payment account providers who don’t bother (e.g. Zopa, Jaja). If it is true, is anyone responsible for enforcing these rules?

For technical accuracy @o99 - under a European regulation called PSD2 (which in the UK is legislated in law by something called the Payment Service Regulations), all payment accounts are required to support ‘Account Information Services’. This basically means the sharing of account data with third party services.

This is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. This is a summary from the FCA about their role in regulating this area.

All credit cards and current accounts would be considered a ‘Payment Account’ and therefore these rules apply. These definitions are quite tricky to understand but if you want to read more they are defined here.

This normally means via secure APIs (normally just referred to as ‘Open Banking APIs’). For certain and larger banks in the UK, they have extra rules that require them to provide secure interfaces to a certain UK standard.

However, smaller providers are allowed to meet these rules in different ways. This is where some banks / card providers use something called a ‘Modified Customer Interface’ (often called ‘Screen Scraping+’) and this is where you have to share log-on credentials with the third party service. Snoop does not have any plans to support this.

I hope that helps explain it?


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@paul_k thank you for the explanation.

There does however seem to be providers which provide neither API nor modified customer interface (Zopa and Jaja are a couple that come to mind). So am just curious who is responsible for enforcement of the rules?