TSB Pending Transactions: 26th May 2020

We’ve had TSB customers contact us this morning to say they are getting multiple duplicate records appearing for the same pending transaction.

This appears to be a TSB specific issue and we are investigating with them now.

We will update later today once this issue has been fully diagnosed.


Hi everyone - to confirm this problem is a TSB only issue that appears to be related to a change they made in the last few days.

Anyone who has more than 50 transactions and pending transactions will experience this issue. The more transactions you have in your account, the more ‘duplicates’ of pending items you will see.

TSB are investigating as a priority and I will update further as soon as they provide us with news on how they are fixing this.


Hi everyone - an update on this issue.

A TSB release at the end of last week introduced a couple of problems. The most obvious is the pending transaction issue described above. The update on this is as follows from TSB:

Duplicate Pending transactions – We have identified the issue and have found a fix. We aim, provided our internal processes are completed successfully, to put this fix in production today. The moment we have deployed it we will immediately inform you.

They also introduced a problem that is preventing some accounts from refreshing and impacting initial account linking for a small number of customers. The update on this one is:

We have identified the issue however we are not currently in a position to give an exact ETA. As soon as we have established a timeline we will make sure to inform you.

Both of these are being dealt with as priority 1 issues at TSB.

Thanks for your patience and apologies if you’ve been impacted by these problems.


To confirm the first issue above is now fixed - so people should not be seeing duplicate transactions now.

The 2nd issue is still being worked on by TSB.

Thanks again for your patience.

Last night, TSB corrected the 2nd issue that was outstanding. This means previously impacted accounts should be refreshing again.

So all issues related to TSB are now closed.