[bug] Transactions not following chronological order


I just notice that the top two transactions are in inverted order, chilango made during lunch time and enoteca in the evening, both in same day.

Same in the second screen, Birleys made during lunch but showing almost as the first in the day.

Hi Bruno,

Thank you so much for raising this. We’ve had a look and it seems the problem arises when we merge transactions from multiple banks (hence why your Revolut transaction at Birley’s disrupts an otherwise correct order of Monzo transactions). I’ve raised a bug and we’ll look into this.

In the meantime, I’d love you to do some Sherlock Holmes-style investigating for me! Do you ever see a scenario where transactions from the same bank are out of order? (Please note - unfortunately pending transactions will rarely be in the perfect order time-wise as we don’t control what order these are returned to us from the banks).

Thank you!

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Hi @tom.player,

I was not able to find any transactions from the same back which was in the wrong order, so I believe you are right. If you need more info for killing this bug let me know. :slight_smile:


Thanks Bruno - if you ever do notice ‘booked’ transactions from the same bank out of order please let us know! In the meantime we’ll look into the bug. :v: