Sub categories?

Why can’t I see sub-categories in spend analysis? Or perhaps the question is why are the “product” categories and sub-categories not the same as in spend analysis?

Hi there @slakin57

Apologies I may not be understanding your question correctly, but I’ll explain our approach to see if it helps?

We use ‘categories’ across all of your financial transactions. We also group our ‘Snoops’ using this same list of standard categories. In addition to the standard set, you can also define your own categories and change any of your transactions to use these.

These categories are used throughout the app - including the ‘Spend Analysis’ feature where you can see how much you are spending in each area.

In addition to this - we have a specific feature to look at ‘Your Bills’. This allows you to track regular spending and see which products these bills are covering and how much you’ve paid for each. This allows you capture lots of information about the product you pay for, any renewal dates that might apply, reminder notes about the bill etc. This bills feature is used for the regular spending we find for you, for things like Direct Debits, Standing Orders or repeating card payments. You can see a history of the spending that you’ve made against each ‘product’ you’ve setup.

So to us, category analysis (used for all transactions) is separate to product analysis (used for your regular bills).

Does that help?