Grouping categories

I want to be able to group my categories into discretionary and non-discretionary spending so that I can get a sense of what it costs to run my life (Home & Family,
shopping, plus other custom categories I’ve created) and what is more flexible (travel, eating out, entertainment, transport and again plus other categories I’ve created). This is quite similar to the other sub-categories posts I’ve seen but a slightly different technical solution - Grouping above the categories as opposed to splitting below the categories.
Any thoughts?

That sounds a good idea. Would be good if we had categories and sub-categories.

Great feedback, thanks @Mike1 and @DouglasElliott - we’ll chat that through as a team

Ideally it would be an example of Category of Bills, and sub categories of Council Tax, Water, Energy etc


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I think sub-categories are part of the solution but also the ability to tag and then filter on attributes/characteristics.
The Use Cases I have in mind are:
1/. I want to be able to see, by month, how much it costs me to live without any discretionary spend.
2/. I want to be able to see, by month, where my discretionary spend is going.

My hierarchy would be something like:
Category One: Home and Family

  • Utilities
  • Shopping
  • Garden/DIY
  • Transport
  • Health and Beauty
  • Mobile/streaming services

Category Two: Fun

  • Eating out
  • Entertainment
  • Travel

Category Three: Other

  • Charity
  • Miscellaneous

I would then want to be able to tag certain items within sub-categories as discretionary or non-discretionary. For example within Mobile/Streaming services my mobile would be non-discretionary and Netflix would be discretionary etc.

I think Snoop I excellent and I think this functionality would be a clear differentiator with your competitors.


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I am pinning my hopes on excel downloading coming soon. Then I can analyse in the way I want to. But the ability to set our own categories and sub categories would be good.