Statements API

Do you know if Virgin Credit Card (Money) and other card providers make the Statement endpoint available? I was wondering if the regular payments section can be updated to indicate the next payment will be the statement amount.m (and then a breakdown of the min amount, full balance etc.)

It might also be a useful API to provide Snoops on best cards etc.

It’s a really interesting idea @Hitesh and the Open Banking standards do allow for some of the things you mention.

However many aspects of the API specifications are optional and in truth we haven’t done any detailed analysis across the card providers to see what is or isn’t available in this area.

When it comes to bank APIs, our priority so far (and for the next few months) is about integrating with as many new account providers as we can. Once we have as many of these done as possible, we can start to explore other integrations and extending what we can do with some of our existing banks (e.g. Monzo Pots which is a popular and common request :wink:).

So we can certainly give your idea some more investigation then.

Keep the great ideas coming :blush: