Balance transfers

I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to what data open banking can /can’t import and view, however, would there be any capability for snoop to identify end dates and values of any balance transfers on credit card account ?


Good thinking @Rw_82 - that’s definitely an area Snoop would like to help with.

Right now there are no standards which mean credit card providers need to provide balance transfer end dates via API.

However, you’re completely right Snoop could play a role here. One way is to recognise that a customer has started incurring interest (if they end up doing so) and in seeing that transaction we could derive their balance transfer intro period may have ended and provide a Snoop to suggest they look at alternatives. It’s after the horse has bolted of course, but will still be a useful insight for people in that position.

thanks for your thoughts! :blush: Cara

A summary of ‘fees paid’ per account would be a great start, with an ability to view this months last 6 months, all time

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Absolutely. I’ve added to the list for review with the team. thanks @Rw_82