Importing Historical Credit Card Data


I have just moved over from Money Dashboard.

So far really loving Snoop.

My question is why does my historic NatWest Credit Card transactions data only go back as far as the end of Feb?

When I closed my Money Dashboard account I exported all my account transactions.

Is there a way I can get Snoop to download more historical credit card data, or can I manually import from a CSV?

It is a real pain I am not able to properly set up my budgets, as I have a number of annual subscriptions that I currently can not add.

Is there a way to resolve this?

Hi @AndyMac - the bank controls how much data they make available. We take anything we can get - up-to 2 years.

The Open Banking rules say you should get access to the same amount of data via this type of connection as you get in the bank’s own app. Many credit cards default to 6 months, but for current accounts it’s normally 2 years.

I’m afraid we don’t have any other ways of importing transactions other than what a bank provides to us.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for letting me know, it’s down to what the bank share.

Cheers, Andy

A follow-up question on this: is there a way to limit / fine-tune how far back does the data go?

I have a miss-match of range across the different accounts and this makes this data inconsistent. I would much rather have it started an a later date when all information is available from all the sources.

Hi @Glen no I’m afraid we don’t offer this feature right now. At the moment we will take as much data as we can (up to 2 years) from any bank connected. We can’t make this a later date at the moment.