Snoop Space going forward

My black lemon tea with a spoonful of honey seems to be prolonging the creativity in my head, so…

As Snoop grows, will we see the Snoop Space evolve into a community for all users?

I hope you guys have this idea down as I think it would be a great addition to Snoop, as you can have beta-users being able to answer some of the FAQ’s people will have, saving you guys time.

I’d love a little beta-snoop badge by my name too :flushed:

It’s an opportunity for the beta-community to also be a part of the evolution of Snoop by being ‘moderators’ to enable you guys to get on with the important things in the background.

I think I could do with some black lemon tea with honey!

All great ideas @ryev.

We need to see how things go before deciding whether or not to extend the remit of SnoopSpace. We love what Monzo do with their community and can absolutely see the benefits of having 1:many conversations with our users, as well as you guys all talking amongst yourselves - which is why we’ve created the forum to use during the closed user group phase.

Plus totally agree that in the future if we find people like using SnoopSpace, we could ask our really supportive users to help us moderate, and support others if they’re having problems.

So all to play for. We’ll just see how things go for now and then decide how best to take this forward in future. thanks!

That’s great Cara.

I’ll be sure to send a cup your way when I make my next cup in a minute!

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